The Archaeological Museum of Veria was built in the late 50's in the North-East part of Veria, aiming the exhibition and preservation of antiquities from the entire prefecture of Imathia. It was also the administrative seat of the then Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Macedonia until.

The first exhibition of AMB included in a ground floor mainly sculptures and inscriptions from Veria, as well as exhibits from the excavations until then in the cut-rock tombs of Veria and objects from the excavation of the English Archaeological School in Nea Nikomedia. A room of the museum was dedicated to the Byzantine antiquities of Veria, mainly icons, until its transfer to the current Byzantine Museum of Veria.

In 2008, within the framework of the Third Community Support Program, old and new findings from the excavations of Veria and archeological sites of the Prefecture of Imathia, except Aigai, a re-exhibition of the museum building was completed.

The new exhibition consists of three main rooms: the first exhibits burial finds from the 6th to the 1st cent. BC. from the ancient city of Veria. The second room is dedicated to the public life of the ancient city, including inscriptions and sculptures from the sanctuaries of Veria, as well as public acts, such as the famous Gymnastic Law, inscriptions on slave manumissions from the Hellenistic to Roman Era and Roman pictorial heads. The third room includes mainly tomb reliefs of Hellenistic and Roman times, as well as glass objects, clay figurines and vases from the cemeteries of the ancient city. In the attic of the museum are exhibited antiquities from various places of N. Imathia (N. Nikomedia, Toumpes of Angelochori and Polyplatanos, Lefkopetra, Mieza, Kypseli).

In 2021, the exhibition "Wall of Memory" was inaugurated in the courtyard of the museum, which includes tombstones and honorary altars of the Macedonian public, in the context of the implementation of the approved study for the aesthetic homogenization and functional upgrade and highlighting of the museum the creation of an outdoor mosaic exhibition and a semi-outdoor sculpture exhibition.