Queens - priestesses from Macedonia to the Hellenistic World

A speech by Angeliki Kottaridi at the Amphitheatre of the National Archaeological Museum (1, Tositsa str, Athens), on Monday 19-10-2015 at19:00, in the context of the programme of activities of the Association of Friends of the National Archaeological Museum.

"Gracing others", wives, sisters and mothers of kings, priestesses - sometimes godesses themselves - the queens of the Hellenistic World, symbols of fertility, archetypes of beauty, auspice of grace, lead us to the secret path which starts from the "Lady of Aigai" and Queen Eurydice, and follows through Arsinoe, Berenice, Cleopatra, Laodice, but also the Godesses - Tyche (Fortunae) of Cities, to reach Zenovia of Palmyra, the "lioness of the desert", and even the Queen of Heavens...

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