New opening hours for the Macedonian Tombs of Lefkadhia and closure of the Archaeological Site of Saint Patapios and monuments of Veria for the winter season

Dear visitors,

We would like to inform you that from Sunday December 15th, 2019, the Archaeological Site of Saint Patapios (Haghios Patapios) in Veria and the following byzantine and post-Byzantine churches of the city: Church of the Ressurection of Christ (Anastaseos Christou), Church of Saints Kyrikos and Ioulita (Haghios Kyrikos ke Ioulita), Church of Holy Mary of the Annunciation (Panagia Evangelistria), Church of Holy Mary Valtessini (Panagia Valtessini), Church of Saint Nickolas in the quarter of Makariotissa (Haghios Nikolaos Makariotissis), Church of Saint George The Small (Haghios Gheorghios Mikros), Church of Saint Nickolas of the Monk Anthimos (Haghios Nikolaos Monachou Anthimou) will remain closed for the winter season.
We particularly stress that the Tombs of Lefkadhia (Tomb of Judgment and Tomb of Palmettes) in the Mieza Archaeological Site will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 08: 30-15: 30, upon previous arrangement (2332041121).

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