Music from the Universe of Alexander the Great

Melodic journeys under the full moon on Sunday 10 August, at 21:30

Once again this year, archaeological sites and museums of the 17th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and of the 11th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities welcome the public with tunes which blend the past into the present, on the night that the August moon is full.

On Sunday 10 August at 21:30, we will be pleased to welcome you and travel together by music from Aigai to the Universe of Alexander the Great. This year, the duet by Baris Bal and Görkem Ökten Saoulis, also known as Selâniknâğme (meaning "the melodic diary of Thessaloniki" in Turkish) will lead us to a songful itinerary through the Eastern Mediterranean, following the steps of Alexander the Great with sounds of the cultures he was meeting on his route.

Two musical instruments which join Greek and Eastern traditions will accompany us in this melodic journey: the tampura and kanun or quanun (reminiscent of the ancient Greek epigonion and the Byzantine psaltery).

The event is organised in collaboration with the Municipal Cultural Enterprise of Public Benefit of Veria and entrance is free.

In ancient Pella, this year the Greek "éntekhno" music genre will meet the musical tradition of Asia Minor and Anatolia in the event named "Songs from Greece and not only" at 21:30 with A. Papaioannou (playing oud and saz), D. Ntaka (vocals, percussion instruments) and A. Macheridis (accordion). The event is co-organised with the Municipality of Pella and the Municipal Cultural Enterprise of Public Benefit of Pella.

At the archaeological site of Loggos in Edessa, at 21:00, the public will have the opportunity to enjoy romantic works by Manos Hatzidakis and lyrical tunes from Greek movies. Irene Kourdaki will sing, accompanied by Phoebos Philkas (piano), Yannis Androglou (guitar) and Miltiadis Kassaras (cello). The event is supported by the Municipality of Edessa.

At the Byzantine Museum of Veria, from 10:00, Thanasis Tsolakis (vocals) and Michalis Goutis (piano) will also lead us to the music routes of the "éntekhno" music genre, from the works of Manos Hatzidakis to the ones of Thanos Microutsikos.

Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai:
Τηλ. 23310 92347

New Archaeological Museum of Pella:
23820 31160

17th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities:
23810 24356

Loggos, Edessa: 23810 25261

Byzantine Museum of Veria:
Τηλ: 23310 29737, 23310 25847

δελτίο τύπου πανσέληνος 2014.docx

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