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'Macedonian Treasures' exhibition in Pella

More than 500 treasures of Macedonian land, archaeological finds of the last 25 years, including gold crowns, gold masks, jewellery, brocaded weapons, unique sculptures, metalwork, alabaster and clay pottery and many more finds from the necropolis of the Aigai and Archontiko, which was the predecessor of Pella in the archaic period (7th-6th century B.C.), will be presented for the first time to the Greek public at a large temporary exhibition in the new Archaeological Museum of Pella.

The temporary exhibition is entitled "Macedonian Treasures", will be held on the upper floor of the new Archaeological Museum of Pella and will last until September 30, 2015.

The exhibition will open on Friday, September 5th at 11:30 by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Constantine Tassoulas.

In 2011 some of the archaeological objects in the new exhibition won the European public in two major exhibitions abroad, in Oxford (Ashmolean Museum) and Paris (Louvre). Now it is time to present them in their birthplace, along with many other treasures presented for the first time to the wide public.

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