Touring the site of Aigai

The archaeological site of Aigai is protected by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage monument and a site of outstanding natural beauty.

The site of Aigai consists of the Polycentric Museum, the palace, the city, the acropolis and the surrounding area.

Visiting the site’s exhibitions that are open to public, such as the royal burial cluster of Philip II, and those still under construction (the Virtual Museum for Alexander the Great and the New Building of the Polycentric Museum), and touring the site’s monuments (palace, royal necropolis of the Temenid dynasty), which are currently in the process of conservation and promotion, as well as exploring the Virtual Museum of Alexander the Great and the digital tour in the ancient Macedonian kingdom, which are being prepared within the framework of the NSRF and will be accessible to the public by the end of 2015, visitors can formulate a general and rather dynamic view of the ancient capital of the Macedonian kingdom and, at the same time, comprehend its historical significance.

Touring the site of Aigai

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