Projects in progress

The projects currently in progress by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Imathia constitute part of the integrated proposal for the management and promotion of the archaeological site of Aigai and formulate the concept of the Polycentric Museum. Αction “Redevelopment and valorization of the Royal Necropolis and the Palace of Aigai – 3rd Phase (2nd phase of segmented action)”, with a budget of about 1,186,000 euros (948,656 euros of which from ERDF). Αction “Multi-focal Museum of Vergina – Central Museum Building – 2nd Phase” with a budget of about 4,433,000 euros (3,546,348 euros of which from ERDF).

The aim of these projects is to offer visitors a new experience of how the antiquities exhibited, either in the actual or the digital museum space, are connected with the geographical, historical and monumental space where they come from. The current exhibitions (the Royal Burial Cluster of Philip II) will soon be enriched with the addition of the projects now under construction: the Virtual Museum of Alexander the Great and the New Building of the Polycentric Museum. These projects, in conjunction with the site’s open-air monument units, such as the Palace and the Royal Burial Cluster of the Temenids, which are currently being conserved and enhanced and will soon be accessible to the public, will enable visitors to have an integrated and dynamic view of the ancient Macedonian capital and its historical significance.

Projects in progress

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