Polycentric Museum of Aigai

A new “holistic” and dynamic approach to the archaeological site – museum – visitor connection.

“Given our belief that the quintessence of the Macedonians’ contribution to civilization was the dialectic of the conservative-“traditional” and of the radical-“modern”, we decided that this exact ideological-aesthetic principle should govern all our efforts towards organizing, restructuring and promoting Aigai, this long forgotten royal centre that is slowly and arduously being retrieved from oblivion by archaeologists.

With this assumption in mind and taking into account the site monuments’ particularities and protection requirements, as well as the urban planning model of the ancient city itself with its scattered urban structure, we adopted a “holistic” and dynamic approach to the archaeological site – museum – visitor connection by suggesting the creation of a multiform, multifunctional, flexible and constantly-evolving Polycentric Museum. This Museum will consist of distinct units scattered around, and will “embrace” and integrate the archaeological site while expanding with the aid of technology to the transcendental world of Virtual Reality and the World Wide Web”.

Excerpt from A. Kottaridi, “Master Plan for the protection, unification and promotion of the archaeological site of Aigai, 2010”

Polycentric Museum of Aigai

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