The Palace – works in progress

Conservation and promotion of the Palace of Aigai

Conservation and promotion works are in progress (funded by the Operational Programme “Central Macedonia” of NSRF 2014 -2020) at the royal complex that was founded by Philip II at the highest terrace of the city over an area of almost 12.5 ha and was meant to be the public, religious and political centre of Aigai.

The action “Redevelopment and valorization of the Royal Necropolis and the Palace of Aigai – 3rd Phase (2nd phase of segmented action)”, with a budget of about 1,186,000 euros (948,656 euros of which from ERDF), and expected to conclude in the end of 2016, includes field works, activities for the monument’s protection and enhancement, such as conservation, architectural and aesthetic restoration and recovery, as well as research, documentation and dissemination activities.

The Palace – works in progress

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