Archaic necropolis

The Archaic necropolis of Aigai is located to the southwest of the Cemetery of the Tumuli.

The tombs dated back to the beginning of the 6th and up to the beginning of the 5th century BC. All of them are rather spacious pits varying in size and orientation along the N-S axis. They form small, rather dense clusters each one of them probably representing a family burial. These clusters were probably covered by low earthen tumuli each one marked by plain stone periboloi (clusters stone circular enclosures).

The grave markers on the tumuli were plain stones. The finds unearthed in the Archaic cemetery of Aigai, namely clay pots and figurines imported from the big traffic and commercial centers of antiquity (Korinthos, Athinai, Ionian coasts, etc.) attest to the relationship of the Macedonian kingdom with the Mediterranean Sea and the East.

Archaic necropolis

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