Main building

The “gate” to the Polycentric Museum of Aigai

The new building that is being constructed on a land plot of 140 ha to the west of Vergina will be the entrance to the Polycentric Museum and the archaeological site of Aigai. It will house a permanent semi-open-air exhibition of the sculptures found in the city sanctuaries and will accommodate the restored upper floor of the Palace’s façade.

The large uniform exhibition area that will be constructed, will be used to present temporary thematic exhibitions that concern the life, civilization and history of Aigai. The first exhibition that will open to public in 2016 will be entitled “The Memory of Aigai”. The new building will also be the physical “home” of the virtual museum “Alexander the Great: from Aigai to the World”, as well as of the digital network that will operate as a touring guide to the ancient kingdom of Macedonians.

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