Multi-focal Museum of Vergina – Central Museum Building

Integration of the multi-focal museum’s central building, has been included in the Priority Axis “Environmental protection and promotion of resources’ efficiency” of the Operational Programme “Central Macedonia 2014 – 2020” (NSRF 2014 – 2020), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, in the context of the objective “Investing in development and employment” in Greece.

The action “Multi-focal Museum of Vergina – Central Museum Building – 2nd Phase” with a budget of about 4,433,000 euros (3,546,348 euros of which from ERDF) , is foreseen to conclude in late January 2018 and aims to support sustainable tourism. It includes the development of sculptures’ and architectural members’ permanent exhibition in the portico of the atria, the temporary exhibition entitled “Aigai, the first city of the Macedons, from Hercules to Alexander the Great”, integration of the surrounding area’s landscape, and equipment of the conservation workshops, storage areas, and the rooms foreseen for visitors’ reception, facilities and educational programmes.

Multi-focal Museum of Vergina – Central Museum Building

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