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"The royal children"

This educational programme was organized within the context of the Programme for the Improvement of Archaeological Sites launched by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

It is initially designed for students of the last three classes of the Elementary school. Its aim is to present different aspects of the ancient life in the birthplace of the Macedonian kingdom and capital of the state, by approaching the different thematic units of education, childhood, adolescence and accession to manhood.

The programme will take place at the Aigai Royal Tombs Museum in a specially arranged room of the former Vergina town hall.

The activities involved in the programme will be both cognitive [acquaintance with the habits of “children” and “adolescents” in the royal court, their education, their attire, the gymnasium, the oikos (their home), the palace] and creative [fabrication of clothing, of kausias (the ancient Macedonian hats), of fabrics woven on a loom, construction of mosaics, theatrical games].

You can download from here the teacher's booklet, for the preparation to the visit, and the student's booklet that is used during the educational programme.

Βασιλικοί Παίδες Βιβλίο για τον εκπαιδευτικό.pdf Βασιλικοί Παίδες βιβλίο για το μαθητή.pdf

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